Spencer Laval and Laith Inkley for Next Door Studios

In this bareback session by Next Door Studios, Spencer Laval and Laith Inkley take turns fucking each other's ass. They both end with massive, cum filled loads.

Spencer Laval and Laith Inkley for Next Door Studios 2


When he finds buddy Spencer Laval has come back from the store, Laith Inkley expresses gratitude toward Spencer for getting him crisp bananas, yet he reveals to him he’s having a hankering for one banana specifically. He grins at Spencer, getting the lump in his pants and gazing toward him. Spencer grins as Laith drops to his knees, where he downs Spencer’s banana directly there in the kitchen. He tosses Spencer facing the island and tongues his hole before sliding his dick somewhere inside Spencer.

He fucks him from behind as Spencer takes the dick readily. When he’s had his fill, Laith lifts Spencer onto the island and draws him off before mounting his hard cock and riding him raw. Spencer spreads his hole wide open with each mighty push, and Laith groans with delight.

Pictures of Spencer Laval and Laith Inkley

Spencer flips him over and spreads his legs wide, fucking Laith as he jacks himself off. He shoots cum everywhere on his stomach as Spencer keeps on beating without end, hauling out and giving Laith a morning shot of protein to run with that long natural product. Ok, the morning meal of champions!

Video – Spencer Laval and Laith Inkley: Flip Fuck


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