Boomer Banks - Raw for Guys In Sweatpants

Spencer Laval arrived first so he sat down with Dirk for a little discussion before Zion Nicholas arrived. Spencer is eager to be fucked by Zion’s enormous dick. Zion comes strolling into the room and Dirk has them get without hesitation immediately. Zion is somewhat apprehensive however Spencer isn’t so he takes his clothtes off and soon enough he has Zion’s enormous hard cock somewhere down in his mouth.

Spencer Laval chokes on every last trace of his dick and can’t resist the urge to compliment him on how provocative his throbbing cock is. Zion Nicholas needs to have a go at sucking some cock so he starts to suck on Spencer’s and he utilizes loads of spit which he chokes everywhere. Zion adores the dick in his mouth yet out of the blue he flips Spencer’s legs open to question and spreads his ass and covers his face in his hole. Spencer’s ass is prepared to be fucked and he reveals to Zion its opportunity to twist him over.

Zion Nicholas does only that and pushes his hard raw cock into Spencer’s overly tight hole. When his hole is spread from the bigness of Zion he begins fucking him hard and profound everywhere throughout the bed. Zion utilizes his huge dick splendidly and makes Spencer Laval blow his heap all over himself and soon enough Zion hauls his cock out and strokes everywhere on his nut all over Spencer.

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