Taylor Reign and Grayson Lange for Cocky Boys

Taylor Reign and Grayson Lange in a bondage sex fun for Cocky Boys. Rimming, raw fucking and sucking, Taylor gives them all to horny bottom Grayson.

Taylor Reign and Grayson Lange for Cocky Boys 2


Grayson Lange returns for some unusual fun kindness of Taylor Reign! Grayson is genuinely new to servitude and Taylor is anxious to demonstrate to him the ropes…literally. He ties Grayson’s legs, ties his wrists over his head, and kisses him and caresses his body and developing cock while he blindfolds him. Visual hardship combined with his close sensitive affectability makes Grayson harder and Taylor persuades his erection more with sucking and delicate stroking. And after that he draws out a dim flame to keep running over his body in anticipation of what’s straightaway.

Taylor lights the flame and gradually trickles hot wax on Grayson’s middle. Grayson winces as the wax stings and as Taylor proceeds with, he tempers the drippings with calming kisses. Subsequent to deciding Grayson has progressed nicely, Taylor stops and offers him a reward. He gives Grayson a sneak look at his seething hard-on and encourages it to the blindfolded sub. Grayson excitedly sucks and sucks and Taylor is so satisfied he lets Grayson utilize his bound wrists to stroke him. Before long the blindfold falls off and inevitably after much sucking and face fucking Taylor evacuates every one of the ropes.

Pictures of Taylor Reign and Grayson Lange

Taylor turns Grayson around to edges him and bother him with his cock lastly slides it in raw. They both are unbound now as Taylor pounds an energetically Grayson who enthusiastically pushes back. When he rides Taylor, Jackson skips uncontrollably and he keeps at it even Taylor lifts him up to fuck him in mid-air. Be that as it may, at last Taylor takes full control boring Jackson on his back until the energetic sub shoots over himself. Taylor reacts with an extraordinary cumshot that nearly covers the flame wax. They’re both spent yet not all that a lot to share a cherishing kiss.

Video – Taylor Reign and Grayson Lange


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