Boomer Banks - Raw for Guys In Sweatpants

Attractive Vito likes to unwind at the bathhouse in the wake of a difficult day at the workplace, and it never for the most part takes him long to locate another companion. In the wake of preparing he heads inside and goes to appreciate a shower, grabbing the grateful attention of similarly provocative youthful Rudy. The young fellow knows a gorgeous hunk when he see’s one, watching him shower from the seat in the steam room, stroking his hard cock tenderly while built Vito shows his stone hard cock and his smooth and enticing ass.

The bother just turns out to be increasingly serious as Vito performs against the glass for his new fan, his wet and tricky cock sliding around, watching Rudy stroking off to the show. It’s a given that they have to reach and the minute Rudy goes along with him in the shower their solid dicks are crushing and frotting while they kiss. Rudy is the first to get a taste, dropping to his knees to suck on the bended and unbending length of his new buddy’s faux pas. Rudy wants to suck a decent dick, however he’s similarly as upbeat when Vito furnishes a proportional payback and gets his attractive face on his stone strong bar as well.

Pictures of Vito and Rudy Martins

It appears Vito wasn’t joking when he said he was genuine horny, he’s before long got his new companion facing the divider for some rimming, preparing Rudy’s hole for his stripped whole cock to slide directly in. Our base isn’t utilized to it, his hole is so tight it takes Vito a short time to work his meat in there, however once inside his new companion is riding that cock and wanking himself off, cherishing each snapshot of it. With Vito’s cock bumping up into his hole Rudy reports he’s going to empty, insignificant milliseconds before a volley of cum jumps from his cap to sprinkle out over the tiled floor. Still hard and stroking his spent cock, Rudy lays on the wet floor for his companion to wrap up, giving his hole a couple of more pushes before hauling out and soaking his balls thighs with velvety goodness.

Video – Vito and Rudy Martins


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