Yah-Jil and Kamyk Walker for Young Bastards

In this brutal scene by Young Bastards, young bottom Kamyk Walker gets used and fucked by muscle, tattooed daddy Yah-Jil. He fucks Kamyk bareback!

Yah-Jil and Kamyk Walker for Young Bastards 6


Charming little Kamyk Walker never needs to hold up too long when he’s cruising for some stone hard daddy dick at the Querell club. He’s been playing with his boo in his jeans for only a couple of minutes when a major substantial length of fuckmuscle shows up through the close-by gloryhole. He’s rapidly on it, pondering who is behind the divider however upbeat to eat that cock and drink a heap from it.

Athlete daddy Yah-Jil is awed with the kid’s mouth, uncovering his attractive self and legitimately going at that voracious gob, making Kamyk venerate it like the whorish little fellow he is. Glad to give the kid the full involvement and anxious to pack that tight little butt Yah-Jil pushes the twink facing the divider, separating the kid’s cheeks for an exhaustive tongue-lashing, licking out that delicious pucker and getting it wet enough for his inflexible daddy dong. Kamyk whines as the leader of his meat slips in, pushing past the young obstruction and driving up somewhere inside.

Pictures of Yah-Jil and Kamyk Walker

Yah-Jil’s huge exposed dick slobbers precum inside the kid, his balls swinging and skipping, slapping around while he control fucks the close virginal hole. Grabbing the twink to rail him from underneath he conveys them both consistently nearer to cumming, at last giving the kid a chance to suckle on his uncovered shaft yet again before regurgitating his athlete daddy load everywhere on Kamyk’s hot little face. That is all the kid should squirt his own incredible planes of cream over Yah’s sneaks.

Video – Yah-Jil fucks Kamyk Walker


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