Zak Bishop and Dominic Pacifico

In this military gay porn video, young soldier Zak Bishop gets abused by rough officer Dominic Pacifico. The older male fucks Zak in the ass, bareback.

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Hostage Zak Bishop battles against the sleeves and rope that ties him up in a standing position. He’s clad in dark cowhide saddle, hound neckline and ribbon up athletic supporter. Dominic enters to inquire as to whether he’s prepared to be a decent slave kid and bites on his delicate areolas, slaps his smooth pink body from chest to thighs. Dominic cinches on a couple of screw-fixed tit clips and generally yanks them off. While he gazes eagerly at Zak’s pale pink ass, Dominic unfastens his pants to give his dick a chance to fly out free. He sticks his fingers into Zak’s pretty hair-lined hole, beats him with a calfskin gloved hand till the kid’s butt is ruddy pink.

Dominic thuds his hostage with a stinging feline o’nine tails, kissing him between smacks to demonstrate who’s manager. Zak sticks his ass out for Daddy Dominic on sign, yet at the same time gets the sharp split of the whip. Pulled down and free from his standing position, Zak is bolted hands and head into a pillory, where he sucks “Daddy’s fat cock” for kindness. About choking, he attempts valiantly to swallow the hard whole meat. The cockhungry kid slobbers a thick string of salivation, at that point licks Dominic’s huge substantial nuts.

Immobilized in the pillory, Zak murmurs with help and appreciation as Dominic chews on his eager hole and coats it with thick spit. Daddy remains with knees twisted only a little as he slams Zak’s hole. Raw bareback cock slides in profound and Zak delights in each hard stroke. Anxious to test his cutoff points, Dominic gets out a goliath toy and punches it into Zak’s ass, requesting that he say thanks to Daddy for the butt-centric intrusion. Hole stuffed and extended to the maximum, Zak’s pleas at long last break through to Dominic, who sets him free and furrows into his free smooth ass.

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Zak’s body ricochets and backlashes from each hard bear a resemblance to Daddy’s cock and balls. He asks for increasingly “simply like that” and starts stroking to the edge. Zak can’t keep down, splatters cum over the wooden box underneath. Dominic hammers in generally and siphons his seed into the trembling ass. Zak crushes the heap out of his throbbing open hole for Dominic to lick it up.

Video – Zak Bishop raw fucked by Dominic Pacifico


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