Zario Travezz and Casey Everett for Dominic Pacifico

We have two muscle soldiers in this episode of Dominic Pacifico's Bareback barracks. Zario Travezz slides his raw dick deep inside Casey Everett!

Zario Travezz and Casey Everett for Dominic Pacifico 8


Attractive, horny young men and mates Zario Travezz and Casey Everett locate a dusty, confined corner of the hot desert bareback sleeping shelter to make out and get off together in harmony. Zario is turned on by everything about excellent Casey, including his musky male smell. He runs his tongue and nose along Casey’s body, focusing in on his warm fragrant pits.

Casey’s fuck motor is revving up also, particularly when he unfastens Zario’s jeans to release his goliath, mahogany-darker cock. The fluffy twists of Zario’s groin stimulate Casey’s lips as he hoovers up the long straight bar. Zario Travezz comes to deliberately around to support Casey’s head, pulls him further down onto his fuck-hurting prick. The undulating muscles of his smooth body punch with excitement as Casey Everett gazes up at him.

Casey climbs onto his knees on an old barrel, sways his round ideal ass in Zario’s face. Zario smacks the tight muscles of Casey’s butt, blushing it to a becoming flushed rose. Ass woke and softened, Casey is crying prepared for a raw hard dick in his covetous hole. Zario Travezz presses in and siphons his post into the hot delicious love passage and Casey’s erect piece bounces here and there with each hard smack.

Pictures of Zario Travezz and Casey Everett

Zario sits with legs separated on a beatup wooden case. Casey Everett accepts the open door, pounds his butt down onto the upturned cock. Zario can’t resist pushing straight up into the smooth, shuddering ass. Boots facing the hard metal casing, Casey slides into the tied cowhide sling. Hole open and inviting, he groans as Zario beats his pelvis with enormous dull meat. Zario snatches him just beneath the throat as Casey drains out a well deserved burden. The dim attractive stud accelerates, just destroys out so as to spurt rich jizz onto Casey’s dick and tight smooth nuts.

Video – Zario Travezz fucks Casey Everett


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