The Big C Men

This week at Young Bastards, Ethan gets raw fucked by rough top Andreas. After exchanging blowjobs, Ethan opens his ass and takes Andreas’ member up his hole. Ethan may be a hostage helpless before unusual dom Andreas yet he’s plainly there to please. With his wrists bound, dangling from the rafters, he can’t deny the considerations of the horny chap when Andreas clarifies that he should be adjusted. The exposed young fellow before long has the chap’s thick and wet cock in his face, requesting to be sucked. The delectable length slips between his lips and he gets the chance to work, slurping the whole device and drinking all the reasonable juice overflowing from it.

He may be there without wanting to however when Andreas directs his concentration toward that smooth little ass and slides his bare cock between those cheeks our hostage kid isn’t whining. Fucked from behind and utilized like a little prostitute he’s at long last given simply enough opportunity to make the most of his own inflexible cock, wanking himself off while Andreas keeps on beating his hole.

As Ethan’s cum spills from his dick to the sound of his groans of happiness Andreas pulls his instrument free and snaps his device to a sprinkling peak, spouting splooge from his very own XL cock all over his slave base’s ass, facilitating his delicate cock directly back in again and abandoning a portion of his heap inside his detainee.

Pictures and videos from that scene

Andreas and Ethan for Young Bastards

Andreas and Ethan for Young Bastards 1

Andreas and Ethan for Young Bastards 2

Andreas and Ethan for Young Bastards 3

Andreas and Ethan for Young Bastards 4



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