Boomer Banks - Raw for Guys In Sweatpants

Dominic Pacifico is here with his brand new bareback video. The muscular daddy Cesar Xes take turns fucking Angel Duran’s sexy hole. What a great scene! Cesar is taking a pee in the dirty steel can, and cellmate Angelsneaks over to take his pack of cigarettes. A battle follows, and awful Warden Pacifico is there like a glimmer. He and Cesar yank down Angel’s jeans to mortify him, and Pacifico unfastens to raise him pay for causing hell. Utilizing two hands he fucks his enormous whole cock into Angel’s hostage throat while Cesar holds him stable. Unions and foes in jail rush to change.

Cesar’s dick is out and hurting for help. He furrows it into the youthful detainee’s delicious mouth. Dominic Pacifico and Cesar Xes toy with him twisting him over on the bed and punishing his ass while he sucks weakly. When his bushy cheeks are blushing and stinging, his hole is prepared for rimming. Bound and blowing Pacifico, Angel Duran’s butt is reamed by Cesar’s unpleasant tongue. With no lube yet for gobs of salivation, Cesar siphons into the tight red hole. Pacifico whacks his dick with one hand as he holds Angel set up, at that point switches position so he’s the one to feel sizzling ass folded over his thick meat.

Angel submits completely to his two-man discipline and readily opens wide at the two finishes for fucking and draining off the two crazy psychos. Each appreciates the hot, well-utilized hole and hands it off to the next in a perverted fuck diversion. Raising the stakes as Angel eats Cesar’s spit-slicked handle, Dominic pushes into him with a hard metal nightstick. It’s an unpleasant spitroast bad dream, however Angel is past the purpose of grumbling and just delights in the maltreatment of each hole.

As Cesar and Angel drool on Dominic Pacifico’s enormous cock, Cesar Xes’ achieving a launch. Dominic needs first cum into Angel Duran’s hole and siphons in profound. Angel moans and asks for cock as Pacifico splashes cum onto his tummy at that point drives his sputtering dick back inside his detainee’s trembling hole.

Pictures and videos from that scene

Cesar Xes, Angel Duran and Dominic Pacifico

Cesar Xes, Angel Duran and Dominic Pacifico 1

Cesar Xes, Angel Duran and Dominic Pacifico 2

Cesar Xes, Angel Duran and Dominic Pacifico 3

Cesar Xes, Angel Duran and Dominic Pacifico 4

Cesar Xes, Angel Duran and Dominic Pacifico 5


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