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Fans favorite, muscular and extra tattooed Asian man Damian Dragon is here, ready to plow Cesar Xes’ Latin hole. Enjoy that session for Peter Fever. The incredible thing about being a gay person is that occasionally you can simply stare at somebody you spotted in the city and take them home and fuck. Possibly you’ll get called a whore, yet who the fuck cares when you have your dick inside someone hot and horny that you have scarcely met? That is the thing that happened when Damian serpent was out running and saw assembled, hung and attractive Latin stud Cesar. One look and it’s a great opportunity to head home and fuck!

Cesar is scarcely in the entryway before he’s on his knees with Damian in his mouth, at that point Damian needs a bit of that activity and moves Cesar onto the lounge chair to swallow his thick whole meat. Coincidentally, the science is combustible to the point that neither one of the studs has had room schedule-wise to take his garments off, yet they’re sucking one another and preparing to shroud the salami. Cesar gives Damian a touch of assistance and pushes his head down further onto his smooth hard cock.

Cesar Xes assumes the situation on hands and knees with his smooth lovely ass not yet decided for Damian to dive in and eat. Damian Dragon gives Cesar a range under and strokes his cock and balls while he tunnels face first into his hole. Cesar grinds his ass once more into that sweet tongue, and Damian is prepared to make it to the following stride. Moving on a condom, he furrows on in to the smooth throbbing hole.

Holding Cesar by the scruff, Damian Dragon siphons in hard and cruelly, yet gets not a peep in grievance. He destroys out to slobber a gob of spit on to make the pushing better. They turn over and Cesar begins stroking quick. They better both get in all the fun positions they’re imagining about before somebody begins shooting.

Cesar Xes speeds toward that dramatic finale riding on Damian’s upturned cock, and needs to shower out his sticky wad over Damian’s solid, tatted chest. Damian hauls out and snatches Cesar’s face to squirt his hot juice into. Subsequent to creaming his new unknown bud, they’re both prepared to suit up and return to their morning run.

Pictures and videos from that scene

Damian Dragon Fucks Cesar Xes for Peter Fever

Damian Dragon Fucks Cesar Xes for Peter Fever 1

Damian Dragon Fucks Cesar Xes for Peter Fever 2

Damian Dragon Fucks Cesar Xes for Peter Fever 3

Damian Dragon Fucks Cesar Xes for Peter Fever 4

Damian Dragon Fucks Cesar Xes for Peter Fever 5


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