This week Dominic Pacifico presents a brand new video, featuring him and Latin super stud Cesar Xes. Watch how the muscle daddy bareback Cesar’s ass. Hunky detainee Cesar Xes is in his new cell, anxiously squirming as he sits tight to process into the framework. When he meets vicious officer Dominic he has valid justification to be apprehensive. Dominic brings down a lot of cuffs from the roof and fastens the amateur into them. Treating Cesar like his new jail bitch, Dominic whips and blushes his ass with a harvest, at that point unfastens his very own uniform jeans and lets his huge hardon fly free.

At the point when Cesar’s cock reacts to the maltreatment by getting hard, Dominic considers him a debilitated fuck, however gets down on his knees and treats himself to a bite of hot Latino jail cock. It’s getting hot down there in Cellblock C, and Dominic needs to unfasten his shirt while he runs his mouth along the veiny bends of little Cesar.

Cesar Xes begins groaning and Dominic verbally mishandles him for getting a charge out of the unpleasant treatment. “No one cums around here however me. I’m the fucking law around here!” he cries. All Cesar can do is whine “Thank you, sir…” Officer Dominic Pacifico respects the dark red denotes his harvest left on Cesar’s delicate ass, at that point fingers andd licks the hole. Snickering twistedly, Dominic drops trou and keeps just his firearm belt as he smashes his dick in. Cesar jeans and moans with a blend of torment and unreasonable joy, as the cruel person twiddles his touches and pounds in harder. He liberates Cesar from the tight sleeves just to make him lick his boots and sucke the ass squeeze off his smooth cock.

For a last turned kick, Dominic integrates Cesar’s lower legs with a lot of wide-divided leg sleeves and furrows his cock into the powerless hostage. His substantial nuts slap against the hot red cheeks of Cesar’s tormented ass. The youthful detainee beats his cock for dear life, and soon he’s showering onto his tight abs. Powerless Cesar can do only obey when Dominic Pacifico directions him to draw the cum off and “clean that fucking cock.”

Pictures and videos from that scene

Dominic Pacifico Barebacks Cesar Xes

Dominic Pacifico Barebacks Cesar Xes 1

Dominic Pacifico Barebacks Cesar Xes 2

Dominic Pacifico Barebacks Cesar Xes 3

Dominic Pacifico Barebacks Cesar Xes 4

Dominic Pacifico Barebacks Cesar Xes 5



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