The Big C Men

Marcus Rivers and Zack Randall tag team horny bottom Austin Phisher. After sucking their cocks, Austin gets fucked in the ass by the two rough tops. Zack likes what he sees of the lean, tall Austin, yet first he needs to exhibit he can get Zack hard with simply his mouth. Swaying his butt enchantingly, Austin goes down on Zack then changes to Marcus when Zack turns the camera on him. Zack gives Austin’s ass a grateful lick, and Marcus is turned on enough to don a fuck-commendable woody.

Marcus kills his head to suck Zack and it swings to a threeway suckathon. The splendid lights channel through the delicate hair that line Zack’s butt break as Austin and Marcus alternate drooling on his handle. As Austin leads the pack in deepthroating Zack, he and Marcus stroke every others’ cocks.

Austin lies on the sofa as Zack and Marcus suck face above him. He gets a facefull of Marcus’ nuts as he sucks away on his huge hard post. Zack gets first split, in a manner of speaking, as Austin sits on his hard whole meat while Marcus watches and beats off. In any case, first to heat up that eager hole Austin takes the purple vibrator in his goods cordiality the goading of Marcus. Marcus experiments with the opened-up hole, his first time besting on record. He prefers what he feels, and opens Austin up additional for Zack’s significant alliance cock. Austin sucks Zack as he points the camera at the infiltration going on at Austin’s opposite end.

Zack calls “Activity!” and it’s the ideal opportunity for Austin’s hole to get the majority of that enormous cock inside him. When he jumps on hands and knees, Zack drills into his tight minimal bristly ass. Austin groans and feigns exacerbation back at the furrowing he’s getting. He chomps his lip in torment and delight, at that point inclines forward to take Marcus’ heap over his face. Zack is longing to blow his very own heap, and points the camera down at Austin’s cum-trickling face while he spurts a second thick splatter to add to the rich chaos. The two tops slide their dicks over the sticky bends of Austin’s cummy face.

Pictures and videos from that scene

Marcus Rivers, Austin Phisher and Zack Randall

Marcus Rivers, Austin Phisher and Zack Randall 1

Marcus Rivers, Austin Phisher and Zack Randall 2

Marcus Rivers, Austin Phisher and Zack Randall 3

Marcus Rivers, Austin Phisher and Zack Randall 4

Marcus Rivers, Austin Phisher and Zack Randall 5



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