The Big C Men

Bad Puppy presents a very cool video featuring two really big gay porn stars – sexy Latin top Cesar Xes and always ready for raw sex, Zach Covington. Zach quickly snatches hold and expertly begins sucking; he recognizes what he’s doing. He face-fucks Cesar’s delicious cylinder steak for some time, weaving here and there, preparing it for what Zach truly needs… to have that hard cock somewhere within him. Cesar is prepared for something very similar, as he gives Zach a passionate kiss and afterward stands them both up to complete the process of stripping. Cesar is as of now hard as shake, his cock ricocheting here and there fully expecting what is going to come. As Zach completely disrobes, we at last get the chance to see his excellent agile body, and smooth cock and balls… which Cesar can’t help it.

He drops down on his knees for a brisk penis massage, covering Zach’s cock and balls in spit and making Zach hard as steel. Cesar clearly recognizes what he’s doing, too. Cesar stands up, they give each other a hard kiss, and Zach drops down to his knees for one last taste of Cesar’s meat… profound throating him right down to the base. At long last, Cesar has had enough foreplay; he stands Zach up and kisses him, while stretching around to snatch Zach’s supple and smooth ass cheeks. Cesar turns Zach Covington around and guides him down to the sofa on his knees, spreading his legs and ass separated for better access to Zach’s tight rosebud. Cesar makes a plunge, rimming Zach with desert and preparing him for the headliner.

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Cesar Xes at long last has Zach’s hole lubed up and prepared to take his fuck-stick, as he gradually embeds his uncovered cock into Zach’s tight and wet hole. Zach moans with joy as Cesar expands the pushing, and begins beating endlessly. They fuck doggie-style for some time, at that point we see Cesar lying back on the lounge chair with Zach sitting over his cock, ricocheting here and there for one wild ride. You can see Cesar’s nuts getting drawn up more tightly and more tightly as the fucking proceeds, it shouldn’t take more than few more minutes. Be that as it may, Cesar isn’t exactly prepared to cum, at this time. He positions Zach down on his back on the floor, lifts one leg for ideal access to his objective, and returns to work fucking his eager base. Canvassed in perspiration, lastly not ready to hold out any more, Zach hauls out and after a few snappy strokes siphons a heap of cum all over Zach’s chest. Still amidst climax, Cesar sticks his cock back within Zach to complete off.

He continues fucking Zach, who can’t bear it any more and siphons out his own heap of jizz all over his chest… with one spurt turning out with such power that it shoots up behind him and grounds behind him. Completely spent, our studs grin at one another and share one increasingly passionate kiss… all while Cesar Xes is still within Zach Covington. Something discloses to me these two will meet once more!

Pictures and videos from that scene

Cesar Xes and Zach Covington for Bad Puppy

Cesar Xes and Zach Covington for Bad Puppy 1

Cesar Xes and Zach Covington for Bad Puppy 2

Cesar Xes and Zach Covington for Bad Puppy 3

Cesar Xes and Zach Covington for Bad Puppy 4

Cesar Xes and Zach Covington for Bad Puppy 5



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