In this episode of Falcon Studios’ “Diary of a sex addict”, Devin Franco takes Mateo Fernandez’s fat, raw dick up his extra used ass. Devin starts by sucking Mateo before he gets his hole rimmed and barebacked by Mateo. Don’t miss the massive cumshot in the end.

Devin Franco & Mateo Fernandez - Diary of a Sex Addict

Devin Franco is horned up at the workplace and taking a gander at pornography. Rather than scouring one out, he brings matters into his own hands and chooses to go chasing for a loft with land specialist, Mateo Fernandez. While on the visit, Devin makes out of here the hunky specialist and contacts contact his lump. Mateo moves with the development and soon the two are secured a kiss that rapidly prompts Devin’s knees hitting the floor. Devin folds his lips over Mateo’s massive, whole cock and works it to the base, opening up his throat and getting both of their cocks hard.

Devin Franco & Mateo Fernandez - Diary of a Sex Addict 1

Devin is prepared and twists around to give the specialist a chance to open his ass with his tongue. At the point when Mateo is persuaded that Devin can deal with his massive dick, he stands up behind his customer and slides his meat somewhere inside. Beating without end on Devin’s eager hole, Mateo snorts with each push as Devin’s hole gets utilized. Devin needs it much more profound and rolls onto his back to let Mateo wrap up. Mateo siphons much harder and hauls out as his cum moves from the tip of his throbbing cock, down his pole, and into Devin’s open hole. With his ass loaded up with jizz, Devin lets free and covers himself with cum.



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