The Big C Men

Dimitri Vega and Alan O’Brien are two rough men. They love hard and raw sex and as you’ll see, they know how to make it strong and extreme. At the point when Dimitri has a heap of cum in his balls everything he can consider is discovering somebody to enable him to make it sprinkle. When he spies hot youthful Alan in the recreation center the kid turns into his objective, regardless of whether he needs that dick or not. Snatching the fellow and taking him behind the trees his huge cock is before long out of his jeans and in Alan’s face, not that the whorish youthful hostage is hesitant once he’s had a sample of that succulent shaft.

The flavor of that huge youthful cock is all he should present the unforeseen experience. Face fucked and spat at Alan does his best to love the kid’s huge boo however Dimitri isn’t going to be fulfilled until he’s fucked that hot ass. Avoided see back at the underhanded kid’s refuge he can at last take full control, binding his unfortunate casualty and twisting the kid over, stuffing his raw high schooler cock between the person’s cheeks and slamming him hard, filling him with his huge device. Alan can’t conceal his pleasure, he probably won’t have arranged this however he can’t prevent the vibe from securing that huge fuckmeat sliding all through his hole is simply excessively great. The flavor of crisp cum will at last transform him into a faithful little whore.

Pictures and videos from that scene

Dimitri Vega and Alan O'Brien for Young Bastards

Dimitri Vega and Alan O'Brien for Young Bastards 1

Dimitri Vega and Alan O'Brien for Young Bastards 2

Dimitri Vega and Alan O'Brien for Young Bastards 3



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