The Big C Men

Last week we watched how Mateo Fernandez was fucked by Dominic Pacifico. This week Mateo returns with a hot solo session for Dominic. He’d head back to voyage the lanes and see what different skaters are doing, yet the Zoots make that dangerous. So to avoid any risk he remains in the graffitied den and chips away at his very own dick.

Mateo’s hand crawls up under his work crop top for his areola. He licks his fingers at that point flicks over his pinches and naturally goes after his thickening groin. He displays his overwhelming whole cock for an envisioned group of onlookers and sways it enticingly. His clench hand gets a handle on freely and pulls his prepuce over the soggy head. He needs that dick to be needed and revered, yet for the present it’s simply only him.

Mateo drops his shorts and beats harder, utilizing two hands. He fucks into his clench hands like a tight ready asshole, thick butt muscles gripping and driving his pelvis with each stroke. He twiddles the two nips with one hand while he asks his nonexistent fuck pal to suck out his heap. His thighs tremble as his nuts force tight. With a couple of hard strokes the cum comes soaring out. “Fuck better believe it, it’s dribbling for you,” he guarantees. Next time when the avenues are protected once more, he’ll shoot that heap into each mouth and ass that is out there pausing!

Pictures and videos from that scene

Mateo Fernandez - Solo for Dominic Pacifico

Mateo Fernandez - Solo for Dominic Pacifico 1

Mateo Fernandez - Solo for Dominic Pacifico 2

Mateo Fernandez - Solo for Dominic Pacifico 3



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