The Big C Men

This week the guys from Swingin’ Balls have an extra hot man for you. Sheldon Broadway is a furry, bearded stud with an extra big dick. Like em unpleasant and tough? We have quite recently the’s man for you, and he cherishes balls more than most! Sheldon Broadway has the appearance of an extreme person. (In spite of the fact that when he sways his weenie and enormous lowhangers for the camera, we presume he’s not ALL harsh and extreme.)

Sheldon adores open air sex and admits to having exceptionally INTENSE climaxes. His blinding grin is hot, winsome and incapacitating – an extreme person you could develop to adore. Coming inside (sorry Sheldon, it’s somewhat nippy for sex outside today) he hauls his significant cock out of his briefs and shoots two or three muscle models for the camera. That gets him hard and horny immediately.

As he sinks into the sheet and cushions, he strokes a little with one hand. There’s certainly space for another clench hand on that enormous cock, however. He slicks his palm with some lube and slaps his cock around with his free hand. He keeps the other hand squeezed around his low holders, begins to siphon with his hips. He’s getting into this and is no contracting violet when the cameras are on. When he takes to his knees we get a good karma at his pleasantly furry thighs and ass break.

Sheldon lies back with his legs and groin raised, as yet beating consistently. His cock head is glossy and blushing, and his balls pull up tight. As he draws near his whole body begins to shake, and he groans so anyone can hear and savage. He gives a couple of all the more wild spasming strokes and the cum begins siphoning out. He lets free with a throaty, creature cry as his nuts spurt out their heap, and needs to bring a moment to quiet down again and regain some composure. That was extraordinary, you weren’t joking! Also, HOT!

Pictures and videos from that scene

Sheldon Broadway Jerks Off for Swingin' Balls

Sheldon Broadway Jerks Off for Swingin' Balls 1

Sheldon Broadway Jerks Off for Swingin' Balls 2

Sheldon Broadway Jerks Off for Swingin' Balls 3

Sheldon Broadway Jerks Off for Swingin' Balls 4



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