Vincent O’Reilly and Dominic Pacifico

Vincent O'Reilly and Dominic Pacifico 4
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This week muscle daddy Dominic Pacifico welcomes tattooed stud Vincent O’Reilly by shoving his giant bareback cock deep into Vincent’s tight hole. Another great session for DominicPacifico.Com. On a bright housetop sitting above the city’s clack, skater posse part Vincent O’Reilly feels sheltered and safe there from the vicious Zoots, and demonstrates his commitment to daddy Dominic with a hot hookup. Dominic is bare on skates with only shades, gloves and kneepads, while Vincent is radiant in neon green panther print jeans and dinosaur socks.

Vincent O’Reilly is diversion and ready for anything as he forces down Dominic’s huge whole meat. Choking with the most profound pushes, he never backs off for a second. Dominic puts his kneepads to great use when he jumps on his knees to taste some youthful hung skater cock. Vincent is pressing enough dick to make most folks choke, yet Dominic’s not most folks as he swallows the robust post easily. Daddy Dom gets Vincent decent and wet and asks to get his face slapped around by the huge gleaming head.

However, Vincent’s best element is standing out like twin globes behind him, and Dominic Pacifico can’t keep his mouth off that “wonderful fuckin hole”. He licks and sucks in the brilliant evening sun and soon he’s prepared to furrow his raw dick into the spitslicked ass. Propped against the fence, Vincent twists down to surrender his hole to Daddy.

Dominic slams in hard as Vincent shouts for additional. “Pound that hole!” he asks as he battles to remain upstanding on his skates. At long last he needs a progressively strong fuck position and gets down onto hands and knees for Dominic to penetrate in as far as possible. “You need me to breed that ass?” Daddy asks, and Vincent pushes back to feel the hot surge of bareback cum shooting somewhere inside.

Dominic Pacifico opens the cheeks to watch his jizz stream out of Vincent’s crisp fucked butthole, licking and slurping his seed as it slobbers down. Vincent O’Reilly is prepared to shoot his very own cum wad, and lies on his back to shower his body with spurt after spurt of musky skater seed.

Pictures and videos from that scene

Vincent O'Reilly and Dominic Pacifico

Vincent O'Reilly and Dominic Pacifico 1

Vincent O'Reilly and Dominic Pacifico 2

Vincent O'Reilly and Dominic Pacifico 3

Vincent O'Reilly and Dominic Pacifico 4


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