Guys In Sweatpants

Tattooed stud Vincent O’Reilly grabs his meaty dick and begins jerking off for Dominic Pacifico. He masturbates until his cock spits giant load. Vincent skates away into a shrouded “safe space” den to assuage that recognizable weight in the crotch making his dick and nuts throb. His hands rub the swelling cock inside his panther print pants as he inclines his head back to get a breath. He licks his shoulder and squeezes his areola. He looks down at his slender youthful muscles and realizes it’s an ideal opportunity to drop his jeans and get his clench hand around that huge cock.

His garbage flies out hard and prepared to thunder, and he softly strokes from pubes to tip of the huge mushroom head. The camera gazes toward his smooth balls and long, flawlessly molded straight dick as he stirs up a twitching mood. His body squirms like a provocative catlike as electric rushes shoot through his groin. He slaps the hardened prick into his palm at that point starts siphoning it into his clench hand. He sways it gradually forward and backward, so hard that it focuses up when his hand is caught up with scouring his chest.

Vincent O’Reilly feels a heap thundering up through his overwhelming balls. He holds his gems as they take care of into terminating position. A pearl of cum spills out of the cut, at that point begins spurting down the pole and onto his beating hand. He grins with fulfillment and licks up the succulent remains.

Pictures and videos from that scene

Vincent O'Reilly Jerks Off for Dominic Pacifico

Vincent O'Reilly Jerks Off for Dominic Pacifico 1

Vincent O'Reilly Jerks Off for Dominic Pacifico 2

Vincent O'Reilly Jerks Off for Dominic Pacifico 3



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