Andy’s Aussie Boys: Ryan and Peter

Andy's Aussie Boys: Ryan and Peter 1
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Ryan and Peter are special guests in this bareback scene by Andy’s Aussie Boys. They start by sucking and rimming before they fuck raw. Peter and Ryan tear at each other’s clothes, desperate to get each other underdressed and bare. The only thing slowing them down is their insatiable desire to kiss and caress one another’s smooth, toned bodies. Lips meet flesh again and again as they grind against each other and prepare to give in completely to their carnal desires. Ryan swallows Peter’s cock, taking it to the back of his throat as his eyes roll back with delight.

Andy's Aussie Boys: Ryan and Peter

Hung Young Brit

Peter returns the favor, swallowing Ryan’s uncut cock and bringing his partner to the edge. It doesn’t take long before Peter plants his raw cock deep inside Ryan’s furry ass, spitting on the tip of his dick to slide it inside. Watch these two throw themselves at each other again and again in this hot, passionate scene.

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