The Big C Men

Brett Hawk and Dakota Wolfe are today’s special feature by Dominic Pacifico. The two young studs take turns fucking each other’s ass, bareback. Dakota sits with legs spread wide and gives some assistance as he pushes Brett down to swallow a greater amount of his hot solid meat. Brett keeps his hand squeezed into the hardened corrupt behind Dakota’s nuts, at that point swallows his way down to the root. He moves up Dakota’s body to plant a profound wet kiss. Down on hands and knees, Brett’s ass is up and prepared for a licking. Dakota folds his lips over the pucker and sucks hard to a volley of groans and fucks from his attractive modify self image.

Brett Hawk and Dakota Wolfe for Dominic Pacifico 1

Brett keeps his hand on his cock, draining it as his shaggy ass split gets sucked and rimmed. Dakota’s finger slides over the ravenous pucker, discloses to him that Brett’s prepared and EAGER. With no obstruction, Dakota pops his dickhead in and slides easily as far as possible. His fluffy pubes tickle against Brett’s firm round butt as he backs onto the attacking push.

Brett Hawk and Dakota Wolfe for Dominic Pacifico

Brett’s face and chest flush ruddy pink as he lies back with his advantages and spread. Dakota hammers in with an overpowering power, tosses his head back with relinquish. Brett achieves a hand to his lean chest and rubs his touches. Dakota hauls out appropriate at the edge, siphons out a splattering load over Brett’s butt and thighs. Brett needs to feel the hot inner parts of his fuck mate and furrows into Dakota. His ass drains Brett’s raw dick as his nuts mix up a sticky cluster. Groaning Brett gets Dakota’s hips at that point hauls out and jacks his spurting dick over his pal’s cheeks. They turn and kiss to commend their succulent flip.



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