Guys In Sweatpants

It’s time for bareback at pride studios. Blowjobs, rimming and raw fucking.. Chandler Scott and Angel Ventura try out everything! The two men are back in the storage space after their soccer scrimmage and Chandler is clearly angry with his exhibition on the field. He reveals to Angel that he is frantic in light of the fact that he didn’t score and in the event that he had they would have won the match. Angel guides him to quiet down and attempted to brighten him up.

Angel Ventura discloses to Chandler Scott that there is another way he can at present score as he begins kissing him. As they passionately kiss, they grab each other’s developing cocks in their uniform shorts. Angel advances down Chandler’s body and gives him the penis massage of his life as he swallows his cock profound and gets it exceptionally wet. Chandler at that point sucks Angel’s excellent whole cock profound.

Chandler Scott and Angel Ventura for Pride Studios

Angel at that point edges Chandler’s bushy ass before lubing up his cock and he begins fucking Chandler on his back. Subsequent to fucking Chandler for some time, he lubes up Chandler’s cock and sits on it and rides Chandler like a champ. Ventura at that point lies on his back and Chandler fucks him until Angel can’t keep down and he shoots all over himself. Chandler hauls out and shoots his heap all over Angel.

Chandler Scott and Angel Ventura for Pride Studios 1



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