In today’s scene by Cocky Boys, two popular models get together for a steaming hot fuck session – Chris Loan & Clark Davis. After somewhat more valuation for Chris’ great constitution Clark directs his concentration toward his muscle butt which he tongues and prods to Chris’ enjoyment. Before long Clark replaces his fingers with his cock to dive all through Chris who groans with profound joy. Also, when Chris pivots and rides Clark’s steel shaft they’re both in condition of increased sexual delight.

Chris Loan & Clark Davis for Cocky Boys

Clark goes moderate and simple when he fucks Chris on his back, yet before long gets speed going further and harder. He changes the energy a couple more occasions until pounding to a close stop and making Chris shoot all over himself. Clark licks the jizz up and kisses Chris then jacks off over him. His soaring cumshot gives Chris a facial AND goes over his head! As they kiss doused in cum the two of them concur on a similar general word: “Amazing”.

Chris Loan & Clark Davis for Cocky Boys 1



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