The Big C Men

It’s time for hard bareback plowing at Cocky Boys. New comer Thyle Knoxx is happy to fill Cory Kane with his fat & long, raw cock. After some good pounding, Thyle shoots his load all over his fuck buddy.

Cocky Boys: Cory Kane Raw Fucked By Thyle Knoxx

Cory goes above and beyond by rimming and fingering Thyle preparing him to take his cock out of the blue. Cory relaxes to give Thyle time to become accustomed to his raw cock however in the long run begins pushing in more profound and faster…and Thyle gets more into it. Actually when Cory begins beating Thyle from the side, he’s overjoyed. But then he’s anxious to give back and does with one snappy flip.

Cocky Boys: Cory Kane Raw Fucked By Thyle Knoxx 1

Thyle Knoxx gets Cory Kane on his stomach to get to his claim to fame of eating ass. He edges and fingers Cory, sucks his cock and primes him for dick. He continues to bore him Cory who before long works his hole on the pushing dick. Thyle lies on top and sticks him to the bed until he follows up on Cory’s desires and fucks him on his back. He props up hard until he fucks a heap out of him. Seconds after the fact he cums as well! They rapidly lie together kissing and Thyle is all prepared to get something to eat!



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