Denver Dubois and Grey Donovan definitely know how to fuck. In their video for Broke Straight Boys, the two men service each other’s dicks. Making out prompts cock sucking as Grey goes down on Denver, taking that dick in his mouth and stifling on it as Denver pushes Grey’s head more remote down, making him choke on that hard cock. Furthermore, when it’s Denver’s go to jump on his knees and suck Grey’s sweet prick, he makes a point to gag Denver with his fat cock as well, making him deepthroat his length again and again until these folks are throbbing hard and prepared to fuck.

Denver Dubois and Grey Donovan for Broke Straight Boys

Moving to the love seat, Grey reclines and offers up his tight little ass to Denver who energetically tops it off with his hard shaft, fucking Grey raw and profound as Grey takes each inch. Denver curves Grey’s advantages, holding him over his head so he can go rigid, offering it to Grey as Grey snatches his own cock and works it. Stroking himself, Grey takes a beating from Denver until both these folks shoot a tremendous burden, their cum tumbling from their cocks as they ride out those last couple of rushes of joy.

Denver Dubois and Grey Donovan for Broke Straight Boys 1



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