Devin Franco, Colton Reece & Christian Finch star in a raw threesome in this episode of Falcon Studios’ hit “Diary of a Sex Addict”. Don’t miss to watch how Devin gets double fucked in the end! Following a boring day at work, Devin Franco heads to a sex club where he puts his ass noticeable all around for any outsider to tag along and pound his issues away. Christian Finch is the fortunate man who finds Devin face-down-ass-up and curves down to edge out his energetic hole. As Christian is eating out Devin, Colton Reece unites the activity with his massive hard-on and has his spot before Devin to fill his mouth with dick.

Christian is prepared to fuck and faces push his dick into Devin’s tight hole. Devin takes a stud from each end as he gets his ass and mouth pounded in the meantime. It’s beginning and end Devin supposes he needs until Colton chooses it’s the ideal opportunity for him to enter Devin’s ass. Colton and Christian change places with the studs taking their situations to keep both of Devin’s holes filled in the meantime.

Devin Franco, Colton Reece & Christian Finch - Diary of a Sex Addict

The horny hunks keep changing it up to give Devin the greatest measure of dick in each hole. Devin Franco needs everything without a moment’s delay so Colton Reece & Christian Finch mount the stud in the meantime to give him an epic twofold infiltration that leaves Devin expanding and asking for significantly more. Giving Devin what he wants is all that Colton and Christian have as a main priority and they alternate fucking the horny stud until they fill his mouth and ass with their heaps. With his body squirming and his holes loaded up with cum, Devin emits with his very own heap and covers himself with warm, thick cum.

Devin Franco, Colton Reece & Christian Finch - Diary of a Sex Addict 1