The Big C Men

It’s Latin party at Jalif Studio. Latin bottom Luc gets bareback fucked by Diego. Diego pumps that ass until his cum is shot inside the hole. Luc lubes up his huge, solid ass when he gets off the telephone with his mate, Diego. He’s disclosed to him that needs to get fucked and utilized hard and that he should hustle over to his place. Luc leaves his entryway opened and holds up with his ass noticeable all around, hole wet and prepared for Diego to come and guarantee it. At the point when Diego arrives, he squanders no time figuring out Luc’s fuck hole, fingering it and prodding it when he strolls in the room.

Diego & Luc For Jalif Studio 1

His cock becomes hard in his jeans, spilling precum contemplating offering it to the eager base. His huge, whole meat fills Luc’s mouth, giving the whorish base something to choke on before it slides up his tight ass. The youthful top cherishes looking down at the round cheeks of Luc’s rear as he penetrates him profound, glad to fuck the prostitute simply like he needs it!



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