Guys In Sweatpants

UK Naked Men presents probably its best update ever. Two extremely sexy hunks are here to fuck each other’s asses – Donnie Marco & Mitchell Jones. Hot diddly, these dudes were feeling anxious before we’d even turned on the cameras. Its spring, sap is rising and we realize where it’s going – in and all over hot attractive Mitchell Jones. Mitchell may be a bottom yet he’s a pushy one, continually wriggling back for that additional push of raw, bareback dick, notwithstanding when it’s a thick old mountain man’s club like Donnie’s astounding weapon!

Donnie Marco & Mitchell Jones for UK Naked Men

These two lashing dudes strip down on the couch and get straight down to ‘the frightful’! Mitchell guzzles on Donnie’s protruding faux pas and spreads his attractive, strong thighs as Donnie hunkers down, squashing the breath from Mitchell’s groan of rapture. The chaps fuck everywhere and we’re in close for each damp with sweat, spunky drop and each swell of Mitchell’s jerking, yearning destined to-be-fulfilled fuck hole. YUM!

Donnie Marco & Mitchell Jones for UK Naked Men 1



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