The Big C Men

Jason Kim goes to a gay bar and enters a room with an anonymous glory hole. A horny guy is waiting for him and his wet ass. Jason opens his mouth and blows his new buddy thru the hole, before taking that hard cock up his ass.

Glory Hole: Jason Kim for French Lads

Jason Kim figured he would simply have a wank in the sex club until another twink seemed to sustain him some meat through the greatness hole. Jason gets directly on it, sucking that whole dick, revering the prepuce tipped shaft, slurping the dude’s scrumptious length until it’s throbbing and wet. The brilliance hole twink needs in excess of a mouth, and he gets it too when he stuffs his new amigo with his furious dick, fucking his covetous buddy up the ass until he’s creation him spit cum from his cock and giving the chap a facial.



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