Guys In Sweatpants

Jackson Traynor & Shawn Mason have raw sex for Next Door Studios. After sucking each other’s dick, Shawn proceeds bareback fucking Jackson’s ass. Shawnis fortunate Jackson discovered him passed out on the trail. In that circumstance, one is factually considerably more prone to be eaten by an insatiable band of raccoons than to be protected by a hunky, accommodating hand.

But, by one way or another Shawn has beaten the chances and ends up back at Jackson’s place, feeling greatly improved, yet shake hard and prepared to fuck as Jackson profound throats him on the bed. Considering the frightful raccoon demise Jackson likely spared him from Shawn is happy to give back where its due and give him the sort of profound dicking that a woodland strolling, stranger-saving sort of fellow plainly needs and merits.

Jackson Traynor & Shawn Mason for Next Door Studios

Jackson Traynor & Shawn Mason for Next Door Studios 1



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