Kace Axel & Marcus Rivers start their session for Broke Straight Boys by sucking each other’s cocks. Very soon Kace starts fucking Marcus. Kace just moved beyond his performance scene at first, yet with the guarantee of more cash on the table, he’s back and prepared to discover what it resembles to be with a person. What’s more, that fortunate person who gets the chance to break Kace in is Marcus, who slides Kace into it pleasant and moderate, kissing and contacting him all over before pulling off Kace’s jeans and sucking on his cock. Marcus instructs Kace by precedent, licking and sucking and deepthroating him before standing up on the bed and arranging his very own dick according to Kace’s mouth, who gradually folds his lips over it.

Kace Axel & Marcus Rivers for Broke Straight Boys

Marcus Rivers supports him, giving pointers as Kace feels a dick top off his mouth out of the blue, sucking it until Marcus moves away to straddle him, bringing down his ass onto Kace’s erect prick. Kace groans as his hard part parts Marcus’ ass open, extending that tight hole as he fucks him raw invert cowhand and after that doggy style as Marcus takes that dick without protest. Turning onto his back, Marcus gets beat as Kace Axel wonders about how tight that little hole is, getting balls somewhere down in him until Marcus shoots his heap and Kace hauls out minutes after the fact, his cum trickling onto Marcus’ cock as he pushes back inside for one final feel.

Kace Axel & Marcus Rivers for Broke Straight Boys 1



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