Jason Sparks Live’s latest video features Spencer Daley, Brogan Reed & Trevor Powers. Trevor and Spencer fuck Brogan bareback. Spencer sets things off by gobbling up Trevor’s enormous cock, swapping out for the Brogan’s muscle meat to get them great and hard. The horny blonde is ravenous for his scene accomplice’s smooth, conditioned bodies, anxious to be amidst this menage-a-trios. His yearning moves to Brogan’s thick, round ass, eating up it as Trevor experiences his very own pink hole.

Spencer Daley, Brogan Reed & Trevor Powers for Jason Sparks Live

The three men edge each other passionately before their need to breed can never again be contained. Trevor slides his cock profound into Spencer’s smooth, white ass, penetrating him hard as Brogan watches on. The scruffy butt brother takes on his new companion straightaway, feeling his ass wiggle and shake as he gets fucked hard and raw!



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