Marcus Rivers is blindfolded for his first light bondage session for Swingin’ Balls. Dom Ty is here to put Marcus on the edge. Ty is a straight overwhelming person who likes to dawdle with the incidental agreeable person. Here he has Sexy lil’ Marcus in a blindfold with his mouth secured, squirming on an exotic phony hide comforter. Marcus siphons his hips enchantingly each time Dom beats him with his red calfskin feline o’nine tails. He even reaches up to skim his voracious clench hands along Dom’s lubed-up cock. Dom gets him face-down, on hands and knees, and puts that smooth cock to utilize, furrowing it into Marcus’ eager butthole.

Swingin' Balls: Dom Ty & Marcus Rivers

Marcus’ bound hands snatch a pad as he’s rocked around by Dom Ty’s unpleasant pulverizing. He’s without set from the blindfold long enough to give his lord a two-fisted handjob (with sleeves appended). Back on each of the fours, he gets his ass slammed again by the Dom’s persevering woody. Hand activity pursues, at that point Marcus lies on the floor to get a sticky shower of Dom Ty’s rich burden, and adds his own hot sprinkle to the elusive, delicious blend.



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