Bad Puppy: Jonas Jackson & Austin Sugar

Bad Puppy: Jonas Jackson & Austin Sugar 2

These two guys are extremely sexy. Muscular studs Jonas Jackson & Austin Sugar get together in a cool sex session for Bad Puppy. They are both amazingly adorable. Austin has somewhat of a 70’s pornography mustache going on; however with his “high and tight” hair style, it thoroughly works for him. Jonas has a consummately cut facial hair, which works for him too. After a brisk visit to present themselves, our studs begin with some passionate kissing. The two of them confess to being exceptionally delicate to contact (to the point of being sensitive, for Austin’s situation), and they begin investigating each other with their hands.

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The shirts fall off, and we get a brisk look at the developing lump in Jonas’ shorts. Austin expels his shorts, and we get the chance to see that something has been developing in his clothing also. Jonas Jackson kisses his way down Austin’s chest to the lump beneath, and evacuates Austin’s briefs. Austin Sugar is now shake hard, and Jonas promptly gets down to business sucking on his delightful whole cock. Austin at that point stands up, lastly evacuates his very own shorts… uncovering another excellent whole bit of meat. Austin goes down on his knees, and gives Jonas a moderate and erotic penis massage.

Bad Puppy: Jonas Jackson & Austin Sugar

Jonas Jackson is truly getting into it, however he has more as a top priority. He positions Austin up on the love seat, confronting far from him on every one of the fours, with his ass noticeable all around and spread open wide for full access. Jonas gets down to business, rimming and greasing up Austin’s tight hole. After the prep work is finished, Jonas stands up, enters Austin from behind, and gradually begins fucking him. Austin Sugar switches back and forth between groaning with delight, and chuckling… Jonas realizes how sensitive he is, and is playing with him a smidgen.

Bad Puppy: Jonas Jackson & Austin Sugar 1

It’s actually quite charming. They switch positions, with Jonas leaning back on the sofa and Austin sitting on his cock, riding him from above. You can tell that Austin Sugar loves this position; he remains hard with his cock pointing straight up while being fucked from underneath by Jonas Jackson. Jonas then places Austin on his back with his legs noticeable all around, and resumes the beating. They fuck like this for some time, drawing nearer and closer. At long last, Jonas can’t take any more, and he rapidly hauls out and showers an immense heap of jizz all over Austin’s body. This puts Austin over the edge, and after a couple of more strokes he gives free his a chance to claim load. Depleted, yet at the same time hard, our two studs kiss… also, think about how to manage the remainder of their day. Possibly a fast shower, and another round…




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