Broke Straight Boys: Sky Clesi and Ryan Parks

Broke Straight Boys: Sky Clesi and Ryan Parks 1

At Broke Straight Boys, Sky Clesi gets his ass fucked raw by hard bareback top Ryan Parks. Ryan plows that ass and fills it with fresh jizz. When they are finished making out and Sky is going down on Ryan, Ryan’s cock is now swelling out of his clothing, hard from their kissing and contacts. Sky liberates Ryan’s prick and takes it between his lips, letting Ryan fuck his mouth as he does his best to deepthroat that noteworthy dick. Ryan pushes further into Sky’s mouth, filling his throat and getting balls somewhere down in that wet mouth before furnishing a proportional payback and sucking on Sky’s sweet cock. Sky looks as Ryan works him with his mouth, his cock reacting to Ryan’s master tongue as he becomes increasingly hard until Ryan is prepared for some ass next.

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Hanging over the sofa, Sky puts his ass in plain view for Ryan, letting Ryan enter him gradually from behind as he tops him off with his bareback dick. Sky gets used to the interruption and Ryan fucks him harder, beating him and after that leaning back on the love seat and giving Sky a chance to fuck his own ass with Ryan’s dick as he rides him. Ryan fucks Sky raw everywhere throughout the lounge, bowing him over furnishings and fucking him from behind and giving Sky a chance to ride his dick until they’re both near cumming. Sky jumps on his knees and lets Ryan fuck his mouth until he busts all over Sky’s face and Sky pushes Ryan onto the seat and gives him a facial too as he leaves his cum splattered all over Ryan’s attractive face!

Broke Straight Boys: Sky Clesi and Ryan Parks




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