This week on Butch Dixon, big hunk Ivo Kerk fucks Vince Hill’s ass and mouth. Vince likes every moment with that big cock, plowing his ass. Ivo, this stud is enormous where it matters most, simply envision – he’d pound the breath out of you as he was fucking the cum out of you, OI GEVER! Our fortunate, cum licking, cock sucking bareback cum dumpster is a brownish haired person – extremely grimy. He has a thing for ‘enormous’ folks – just aswell in light of the fact that he’s taking on a man mountain here and luving it.

Ivo Kerk lies back and lets Vince Hill do his thing sucking his fat, dull, uncircumcised dick to throbbing consideration, ensuring he gets his tongue in there and under there and gives that enormous, delicate cap a decent working over. Ivo twist his cutie in reverse, advances and each wards to ensure he’s getting his girthy dick straight up to the balls in Vince’s hot, raw hole!

Butch Dixon: Ivo Kerk & Vince Hill



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