Cocky Boys gather together Thyle Knoxx & Nikko Russo for a cool bareback scene. The two versatile men fuck each other’s holes, raw. Nikko is generally a top, however one take a gander at Thyle and he needs a flip-fuck in this condom free scene. A little shared sans hands groin scouring prompts Thyle sitting on Nikko’s lap for some sentimental making out getting his hole finger-prodded. Before long garments fall off and Thyle ravenously sucks Nikko’s inflexible bar and huge balls. What’s more, in time he directs his concentration toward eating out his smooth hole.

After significant spit-lubing Thyle slides in his cock and gives Nikko the fucking he’s been longing for. The hints of Nikko’s groans and his balls slapping his butt drives Thyle to joyfully fuck him harder. What’s more, however Nikko cherishes it, he needs his turn as well and in a genuinely smooth turnaround he’s pushing deeo into Thyle doggy-style on the four-blurb bed. Nikko likewise gets his turn at sucking Thyle befoe continuing his beating of him on his back.

Cocky Boys: Thyle Knoxx & Nikko Russo

Nikko Russo hammers him tenaciously and this spurs Thyle Knoxx to take another turn at topping…and beating him profound on his back as well. He continues proceeding to make Nikko detonate over himself. Also, once Thyle licks up his heap and cum-kisses Nikko, he hauls out and shoots over his balls. Utilizing his cock, he slides a portion of his cum into Nikko’s hole and reaches over to bolster him. Thyle kisses him once again and as lays his head on his chest they’re both the photos of substance.



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