Damian Dragon Fucks Christian Matthews for Peter Fever

Damian Dragon Fucks Christian Matthews for Peter Fever 2

Today on Peter Fever, Asian super stud, tattooed power top Damian Dragon takes care of daddy Christian Matthews’ cock hungry ass. Damian fucks the cum out of Christian in this best fuck session. Christian and Damian sit down at their breakfast desk on the patio. It turns out that numerous their preening and posturing is grounded in some unresolved sexual emotions they still share. Damian admits that nobody’s grew to become him on like Christian, and they make a decision to have a go at it for old times’ sake. Christian lets his gown fall open to exhibit off his lean physique and big cock, they usually begin making out.

Damian Dragon’s tight tatted muscle groups glisten within the desert solar, and his cock is irresistible to Christian Mathews who gobble it up find it irresistible’s his final meal. Damian bends him over the patio desk and makes a morning meal of his sweet muscle butt, giving it a different gob of spit to lube it for the next stage. He stands up behind Christian and drills his dick in hard and rapid. Christian gasps for breath as he beats away at his possess stiffy. Preserving it shut and tight, Damian grinds his pubes into the scorching, hairy, hungry hole.

Damian Dragon Fucks Christian Matthews for Peter Fever

Damian Dragon and Christian Matthews wrestle to the brick flooring, and Damian humps Christian’s sizzling booty. Christian reaches round to tug him in harder, just the way he likes it. Christian turns over and their sweaty our bodies slam together within the shiny Nevada sunshine. He are not able to hold out for lengthy, and when Damian pulls out and fingers Christian’s magic button, he sprays in all places his tight abs. Damian follows and all is simply peachy for a moment. Then Christian reminds him they quite often should now not be doing this and Damian storms off in a huff.

Damian Dragon Fucks Christian Matthews for Peter Fever 1




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