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This week on Falcon Stuios, Ethan Chase and Skyy Knox flip fuck for Love and Lust in Montreal in a pheromone filled sex scene. Skyy is distant from everyone else in Montreal and heads down to Stock Bar to look at the artists. He’s glad to discover Ethan hitting the dance floor with a hard-on and jumps in front of an audience to encourage Ethan his cash. After the exhibition, Ethan joins Skyy for some nightfall fun when Ethan gives Skyy the private demonstration of his life. Ethan can hardly wait to show off his aptitudes at working an alternate sort of post and gets down to take Skyy’s monster, whole cock down his throat.

Skyy Knox face fucks the artist until he can never again hold off on his interest and sucks Ethan’s enormous dick as the two 69. That is everything necessary for Skyy to give in to his longings and he jumps on to ride Ethan Chase. Ethan pounds hard, opening Skyy up with each push from his massive cock. Ethan adores fucking Skyy however at this point he needs his turn with inclination a decent dick inside him.

Ethan Chase and Skyy Knox - Love and Lust in Montreal

He twists around to take every last bit of Skyy as the hung stud furrows his enthusiastic ass. The horny studs proceed with flip-fucking on the stripper arrange, opening each other up and getting all the dick they can take. With Ethan Chase still inside his ass, Skyy Knox lets free and impacts his heap all over his tore abs. Ethan rushes to pursue and adds his thick ropes to the blend.

Ethan Chase and Skyy Knox - Love and Lust in Montreal 1



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