In this episode of “Five Brothers: The Takedown”, two sexy hunks fuck in a smoking hot sex video. Enjoy Nic Sahara & Justin Matthews! Jay Dymel comes back from fucking the Chief of Staff to uncover that the family is going to require Nic Sahara’s assistance to put Senator Valenti in their back pocket. It’s up to cousin Aaron Saavy to persuade Nic to lure the congressperson and covertly video tape their sexual experience.

PLOT TWIST: the Senator isn’t home yet his dude, the tore and attractive Justin Matthew, is. With his camera telephone propped up, Nic pushes record and the mission is in progress. Fortunate for Nic he doesn’t need to do much work to get Justin out of his garments and his cock in Justin’s mouth. They fuck on the kitchen counter on display of God and everyone, including Nic’s shrouded camera, which catches all the hot cock sucking and ass fucking activity. Very much done Nic!

Five Brothers: The Takedown - Nic Sahara & Justin Matthews



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