The Big C Men

This week on Growl Boys, the story of Nathan continues as the satyr, Bishop Angus, brings him to a special altar in the woods to breed him raw and begin his journey toward becoming a Promethean. Chapter 2, Altar of Prometheus starts with Bishop helping Nathan through the mysterious winter woods, bringing him further into the everlasting’s obscure world, a long way from the commonplace trappings of progress.

Once on the special stepped area, Nathan is spellbound into envisioning a warm, tempting cavern while the huge man mounts him and inseminates him over and over. In the beefy man’s grip, Nathan winds up fascinated with the hairy more abnormal, bringing him into his hole passionately and eagerly.

Growl Boys: Nathan - Chapter 2 with Bishop Angus

Growl Boys: Nathan - Chapter 2 with Bishop Angus 1



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