On Guys In Sweatpants, big dicked porn legend Boomer Banks returns with a smoking hot video of him, breeding sexy bottom Kuper Ryan. There are numerous approaches to make Kuper grin, and disclosing to him you have a 9″ or bigger dick is certainly one of them. The last time we saw boomer on the site, he was getting railed out by a major dick, and adoring every last trace of it. Presently he gets his turn on a pleasant smooth hole.

We were out cruising in the Jeep and ceased for a talk, which is the point at which they chose they needed to fuck IN the Jeep. It’s a shockingly agreeable vehicle to get reared by a gigantic cock in a carport. Kuper Ryan is each top’s fantasy, looking at Boomer Banks the whole time as he slid all 9.5″ in to the base and didn’t wince. You can nearly feel it as Boomer Banks pushes from the tip of his prepuce right down his balls, again and again until Kuper Ryan busts his heap in bliss just before Boomer breeds his utilized hole.

Guys In Sweatpants: Boomer Banks and Kuper Ryan



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