Josh Moore & Andro Maas – London Calling

Josh Moore & Andro Maas - London Calling 2

In episode 1 of Falcon Studios “London Calling”, two Londoners have a great time together – tattooed top Josh Moore and ginger bottom Andro Maas. Josh Moore gets a call from Colton Reece and Austin Sugar that they’re in London and need to hang out. They make arrangements to get together at Buckingham Palace in 60 minutes, however a provocative ginger base named Andro Maas hits Josh up on an application directly after he hangs up the telephone. He’s too provocative to even consider passing up, so Josh welcomes Andro over for some fast fun before gathering his companions.

The moment the entryway opens, their hands are all over one another and they begin making out angrily. Andro rushes to drop to his knees and attendant on Josh’s immense, whole cock. Josh can’t get enough of Andro’s astonishing mouth, however he desires more. They 69 one another, working each other’s whole cocks before Josh mounts Andro from behind as the two studs burn some serious calories.

Josh Moore & Andro Maas - London Calling

Andro Maas rides Josh’s hard cock, taking his beating with satisfaction. As Andro gets fucked, he appreciates the vibe of Josh’s masculinity extending his hole and sliding all through him. The power of his pleasure crescendos as he shoots his hot cum with Josh’s cock as yet diving his ass. At the point when Josh Moore sees Andro empty, he hauls out and shoots his steaming burden all over Andro’s face.

Josh Moore & Andro Maas - London Calling 1




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