Logan Stevens & Alessio Vega – Hot, Raw and Ready

Logan Stevens & Alessio Vega - Hot, Raw and Ready 2

This week’s episode of “Hot, Raw and Ready” by Raging Stallion, features Logan Stevens and Alessio Vega. Alessio gets fucked bareback by Logan. Logan and Alessio begin by making out and when Alessio gets a glance at Logan’s goliath cock, he droops to his knees to bring the cock down his throat. Alessio appreciates every last bit of Logan’s stout shaft and gives uncommon consideration to Logan’s prepuce, preparing the stud to fuck.

Logan Stevens needs a turn with the cock sucking activity and gets down between Alessio’s legs to take the throbbing dick in his mouth. At the point when Logan has had his fill, he twists Alessio Vega over to eat his ass. Logan’s tongue feels astounding rimming Alessio’s hole and soon he’s prepared to get dove raw. Logan stands up and pushes his uncovered cock profound into Alessio and pounds hard, making the stud groan out as he gets his ass reamed. At the point when Logan needs to consider the to be all over as he gets fucked, he rolls the stud over as he proceeds with his tenacious bareback reaming.

Logan Stevens & Alessio Vega - Hot, Raw and Ready

Alessio’s tight ass feels astonishing encompassing Logan’s dick and he can never again hold off. He hauls out and impacts a heap all over Alessio’s hole and when he’s finished shooting, Logan Stevens scoops the chaos up with his cock and pushes it profound into Alessio’s spent ass. The impression of all the warm cum overflowing into his ass makes Alessio Vega prepared to blow and he shoots his heap all over his tight body.

Logan Stevens & Alessio Vega - Hot, Raw and Ready 1




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