Luka Sage Fist Fucks Josh Mikael

Luka Sage Fist Fucks Josh Mikael 1
The Big C Men

Club Inferno Dungeon proudly presents new bottom Josh Mikael. Josh is a rough guy, he adores double fisting and Luka Sage gives it to him. Luka touches base at the area to start his work day looking out for detainee, Josh. Unbothered by the official’s position, Josh grabs himself before pulling his pants down and spreading his hole for the official. Josh insults Luka considerably further when he considers him a ‘pig’ and welcomes him to demonstrate the detainee what he has.

Luka Sage is up for the test and jumps on his knees to tongue-fuck Josh Mikael’s hole through the bars of his cell. It’s not well before Luka expels the hostage pig from his confine and curves him over his work area to open his shaggy hole up significantly further. Luka is prepared to show Josh exactly how messy a cop he is, and he gets down between the studs legs to push his fist in for a total depression search of Josh’s hole. Josh’s hole swallows Luka’s fist effortlessly as the messy cop works his grasped fist all through his messy hole. Josh needs the official much more profound and jumps on his back to get the cops fist at full profundity.

Luka Sage Fist Fucks Josh Mikael

Taking it up a score, Luka Sage works two fists into Josh Mikael’s as of now broken hole making him push out a sprouting rosebud. In the wake of exchanging back to every one of the fours one final time, Josh lays back to release thick ropes of cum all over his furry body while Luka keeps his fist solidly planted in the detainees spent hole.



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