Mickey Taylor & Yah-Jil for My Dirtiest Fantasy

Mickey Taylor & Yah-Jil for My Dirtiest Fantasy 1

Hard times for tattooed stud Mickey Taylor. He’s inside Yah-Jil’s dungeon, tied up, and Yah is ready to do bad things with him. Another hard bondage session by My Dirtiest Fantasy, that you shouldn’t miss. Mickey being pushed into the room isn’t an ordinary sight, even less so if it’s by Spanish kinkster Yah-Jil, whose first request of the day is to verify down his slave for the torments he is standing by.

Once verified, and just to simply confound Mickey, Yah-Jil gets down to draw him off before savagely whipping the stud, who groans like there’s no tomorrow. In any case, a long way from closing, the torment proceeds, as pegs are put on his body, to be later whipped off, and for more torment, the triple wartenberg wheel will be everywhere throughout the young men body. When the agony is finished, Yah-Jil gets the opportunity to attempt Mickey’s ass, with both a dildo and later an electro butt plug before giving the stud a chance to discharge his heap.

Mickey Taylor & Yah-Jil for My Dirtiest Fantasy




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