Guys In Sweatpants

The story of submissive slave Casper Ellis and his brutal master Silas Rise continues on My Dirtiest Fantasy. With Caspar sat holding up with a hood on, Silas heads toward begin contacting him and squeezes his areolas before moving his hands which will before long be anchored to the roof. With the young men gives out of the way, Silas is anxious to see exactly how far he can go with the guy, so he begins by whipping his middle, and briefly stops to put some areola clasps on the dude.

With the young men face currently uncovered, it’s the ideal opportunity for the torment to go somewhat further, with a pinwheel to get the slave requesting benevolence. Yet, that is not all the fun the poor guy will have, as soon after his lord infiltrates every one of his holes!

My Dirtiest Fantasy: Casper Ellis & Silas Rise - Part 2



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