Pheonix Fellington – Solo for Dominic Pacifico

Pheonix Fellington - Solo for Dominic Pacifico 2

If you love big dick, muscle guys, you’ll love this solo featuring Pheonix Fellington. The hot star jerks off in this week’s video by Dominic Pacifico. He strips off a sweat-soaked shirt and rubs a grateful hand over his hard-worked muscles. Stripping down his shorts, his groin swells under dark shirt undershorts. He snack at his full lower lip and strokes his inked chest.

Fingers follow out the profound edges in Pheonix Fellington’s well defined abs. He flexes his outstretched arms at that point comes to in to fidget his touches. One hand jumps down to massage his swelling cock, at that point different dismantles down his briefs to set free his massive woody. His nutsack bounces up as he strokes hard from balls to tip, at that point he spits into his palm to smooth up the development. He slaps his solid prick into his hand.

Pheonix Fellington - Solo for Dominic Pacifico

It’s a great opportunity to quit fooling around, and Pheonix Fellington goes after a squirt of oil lube that he sprinkles down his pole. Presently his hands skim forward and backward on his cock as he works his lubed finger over the pucker of his fluffy hole. He destroys his cheek to the side to open his ass more extensive, at that point penetrates his center finger into the eager, throbbing hole.

Pheonix Fellington - Solo for Dominic Pacifico 1

With one hand squeezed against his corrupt he begins up stroking once more. He spits on his fingers and rubs the succulent salivation into his butt. Eyes shut, he jeans to get a breath. His thighs fix and flex with each brush of a hand along the full length of his huge thick goad. Presently his abs hold and nuts begin topping off and get ready to shoot. His hands move at a blinding pace, at that point a sprinkle of sticky cream hits the stubbly darker skin over his navel. Licking the jizz off his fingers, Pheonix Fellington gives his cock a chance to flounder down into a resting position.




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