Silas Rise returns to My Dirtiest Fantasy’s studio, where a new slave is waiting for him – Ron Negba. Silas torments and fucks the bottom. Ron’s ass noticeable all around is an open welcome for Silas when he strolls in on him, not long after in the wake of kissing and touching his ass, he ventures into the bedside bureau to take care of business a ball muffle and a few sleeves.

Presently handcuffed and choked, Ron Negba is all his, he procedes to suck the young men cock… unmistakably Ron has been prepared, as he rushes to get some lube, lube Silas’ cock, and ride it exactly how Silas likes it, as though this wasn’t horny enough, they change position two or multiple times before Silas Rise is spurting his heap over Ron, leaving Ron needing to cum moreover!

Ron Negba & Silas Rise for My Dirtiest Fantasy 1



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