Ryan Cage and Lior Hod both prefer condom free love. They like bareback fucking and we’re going to enjoy them in a session for Bad Puppy. Lior inclines forward on the couch, pulls Ryan’s cock from his pants, swallows it and he begins pleasuring Ryan with his tongue. The two strip out of their pants, Ryan rests on the couch beside Lior and returns the oral incitement which before long has Lior’s cock standing rock-hard.

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Lior Hod flips around on the couch, twists around and Ryan Cage squanders no time filling Lior’s hole with his thick, whole cock. With each push from Ryan, Lior’s cock gets more enthusiastically as it swings forward and backward in musicality with the fucking he’s getting. Ryan is before long beating harder and quicker and Lior is groaning more intense as Ryan drives his dick more profound.

Ryan Cage and Lior Hod for Bad Puppy 1

Ryan Cage hauls out and plunks down on the couch. Lior Hod jumps on top, plunks down gradually onto Ryan’s thick bit of meat and Lior is before long bobbing all over working Ryan’s cock further and more profound. The two are before long one next to the other with Ryan pushing from behind. Lior holds off to the extent that this would be possible; yet he’s before long shooting a heap of jizz all over his abs. Ryan bounces up, begins jacking his cock and blows a velvety heap of cum all over Lior’s chest and face.

Ryan Cage and Lior Hod for Bad Puppy



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